Alexander Krieg
CTO / Founder

Shuhei Ogawa
​ ​CEO / President

Toshiro Konuma
Chief Strategy Officer

Despite what most may think, emotions are important in the workplace. Emotions motivate our behavior: Fear keeps us away from harmful actions. Anger brings us to approach adversity or injustice. Happiness motivates us to repeat desirable activities. Sadness encourages alternative behavioral paths. Our emotions shape the way we interact with our social environment.
People are very sensitive towards the emotional states of other people. In workplace settings, there’s a constant exchange of emotions, in every task and conversation. Most emotional interchange is performed through our face. By contracting or expanding our 43 facial muscles in specific ways, we can produce emotional messages that can be received and interpreted by others. Slight changes in muscle movement convey very different types of social meaning. However, we have limits in what our minds can attend to in a given moment, and often enough we miss some of the important emotional cues expressed on others’ faces.
Emosta’s mission is to “refine human insight with AI technology.” Our EmoReader software helps assess emotional states and emotional congruence between people communicating with each other. We trained a deep neural network with nearly 100,000 emotional faces, and achieved 93% accuracy in detecting the emotional state of faces on people the algorithm had never seen before. Within our customizable report template, the emotional expressions appear on line graphs above the audio playback of the session. Users can see what emotions are expressed at what point in the conversation. For multiple people, users can directly assess the degree people are congruent in their emotional expressions. They can also see to what degree a person’s speech and emotional expression conflict with one another or converge with one another.​ ​
Compatible with nearly all webcams and with special security measures in place to assure privacy, we hope that Emosta’s EmoReader can assist coaches, counselors, and HR personnel to go back and reflect on the various aspects that were missed in the coaching or counseling session, providing increased insight on the client and providing direct feedback for the interviewer.
In the service of Emosta’s goals to psychological flexibility and empower people to live value-filled lives. We have created two services that work to promote additional insight and feedback through a scientific approach using modern technological tools. The two services we present are the Emosta EmoReader software and our ‘ACT in the Workplace’ Workshops.