Emosta started both based on the steady progression of Xander’s psychology research program as well as a few chance encounters along the way.

Xander lived in Hawaii for three years, where he received his Master’s degree, finished his Ph.D. coursework, and proposed this dissertation.
In 2015, he moved to Tokyo on a Fulbright Scholarship, and worked with University of Tokyo’s Clinical Psychology Course for two years.During this time, he completed his dissertation work and started to branch off into different research directions. Xander had learned how to program before entering graduate school and was fascinated with the recent advances in the field of machine learning.

Throughout the course in graduate school, he collected a large set of videos and was looking for a way to code them by emotion. In November 2016, after a few late nights of writing code, a very early version of the EmoReader was made.

Initially Xander had no intention on disseminating the code as software or doing all that much with the code. However, a month later he met Shuhei for drinks after work and discussed the idea together.

Shuhei, who has a background in business and experience with entrepreneurship, said that such a useful software solution should be shared rather than hidden. A few weeks later we started talking about starting a company.

We didn’t want to be a company that just sells a product or a service—we wanted to be a company that addresses and solves important issues in our immediate surroundings.

We picked out a strong theoretical framework in which to position our services, and spent a lot of time consulting with potential clients, really listening to their needs. We incorporated in April 2017, performed our first workshop in June 2017, and introduced the EmoReader to the market in August 2017. The rest, as they say, is history.

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