The Emosta EmoReader is a deep learning algorithm trained to read a photographed image of a human face and return the probability percentages of that face displaying each of Ekman’s seven emotional expressions.​ Our unique output allows users, such as counselors, coaches, HR personnel, researchers and advertisers to see the degree to which each emotion is expressed over the course of a recorded conversation.​

Social Simulator

Social Simulator

This service enables the observation and analysis of multiple agents, modeled after humans, autonomously living and interacting, facilitated by AI. It allows comparative experiments in organizational, social, and psychological fields. In business, it is expected to be utilized for urban planning, policy making, architectural design, organizational design, operations design, and the automation of generating and implementing research ideas.

Natural Language Analysis

Natural Language Analysis

Analyze natural language data using frequency analysis, co-occurrence analysis, and other unique techniques for extracting conceptual relationships. Useful for understanding communication data; identify discrepancies in vision understanding across departments, categorize reasons for employee turnover, detect compliance risks, and unearth new ideas.



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Psychological Experience Evaluation Consulting

Provide support in understanding and measuring of difficult to understand experiences and conceptual constructs such as “comforting,” “reassuring,” and “creating a good impression,”. This support is utilized extensively by clients in the manufacturing industry, aligning with the trend of pursuing experience, not only functionality.

Counseling & Coaching DX

Provides new ways to evaluate content, and quality of counseling and coaching sessions using AI technology and our original data.

Psychological Scale Development

Create custom question items and evaluation tools for measuring psychological traits and behaviors. Additionally, we devise and analyze experimental methods to validate the appropriateness of these measures. This enables the collection and analysis of targeted data, facilitating precise product development and situational understanding.



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Creative Ability Development

Support generation of new ideas through various training menus designed to stimulate creativity. These include SF prototyping, which uses science fiction thinking methods to promote discontinuous thinking, and training that articulates implicit assumptions and overturns them to reach new conclusions.

AI-Driven Research Methodology Development

Using the expertise developed through social simulations, we automate researchers and new business developers with AI to facilitate idea generation. Additionally, by developing AI to evaluate the generated ideas, we automatically filter a large volume of ideas, providing a function that clearly identifies the targets where resources should be concentrated.

Hypothesis Design Support

Design hypothesis models for complex phenomena, such as “the impact of products on well-being,” using psychological insights. We also provide devise methods for validating these hypotheses, including experimental design and analysis. This service is frequently utilized by corporate R&D departments.

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