• Emoreader 1.0

    Emoreader 1.0

    A deep learning algorithm trained to read a photographed image of a human face and return the probability percentages of that face displaying each of Ekman’s seven emotional expressions. ​

  • Emoreader 2.0

    Emoreader 2.0

    A deep learning algorithm that deciphers likely behavioral intentions behind facial expressions.

  • Value Finder (Card / Online)

    Value Finder (Card / Online)

    Activity that helps people articluate their own values aided by emotion AI feedback in online version.

  • Impression AI

    Impression AI

    Predicts “impression” people have by deep learning patterns of emotions across time.


  • mimik


    “Role-play AI” that helps people practice sales situation on their own getting feedback on script, facial expression and its combination. Emoreader 1.0 embeded product.

  • プレトレ


    I”Presentation training AI” which gives TED Talk tag based feedback to recorded presentation. Impression AI embeded product

  • CDX


    Help users build communication strategy in community by providing analysis combining network analysis and custom made survey targeting type of communication user wants to vitalize.


  • Rapport engine

    Rapport engine

    Building upon our original technology that predicts rapport, we are currently collecting data on how we can help build rapport by guiding pattern of facial expression and speech patterns.

  • Counseling Chatbot

    Counseling Chatbot

    Development of a chatbot that supplies users with brief activities that facilitate growth in psychological flexibility.